ancient arch architecture art
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(Free image with reference above. Image description: An elaborate carved stone church with stained glass windows.)


Note: In light of this time of the global pandemic – the advise for gatherings of faith-based communities is to not sing (such was the direction, for instance, for churches in Germany). The subject of singing for groups, and indeed the church, has been an item of much discussion in online forums.

Here is a reflection on not singing during in person gatherings – whenever (very far) off in the future it is best and advisable for larger groups of people to be in the same room for any length of time. (*Please this not a discussion on when to gather, how to gather etc., if groups should gather etc. Simply a reflection on the subject of singing, church and of the pandemic. Thank you.)
Holiest of Prayers

We have silenced alleluias
For centuries
For times of
The Lenten season
Hiding them in loving
Holy silence
Placing them in pockets
Keeping them safe for later
Making our heart lament
Yet again
The holiest of prayers

Until we joined
Of new life
And liberation
On glorious resurrection morn

Now we too
keep our silence
In lament as also then
To grieve
To keep this time
However long
The length of days may be
The holiest of times

To weep and wail
In repentance
Prayer and travail
To keep this time
We pray
We can join
In praise and adoration

Holy God
Make our silent song
The holiest of prayers

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