automatic city control crossing
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(Free stock image with listed photo credit. Image description: A lit crosswalk shows a green outline of a person – signalling that it’s safe to “go” and move forward, crossing the street/road.)

Note: In the Gospels, Jesus calls people by name to follow him. He also tells them the cost of doing so. He also says – following him is the only way to life. This offer of life is free to you, today.


Follow you
No thank you
That’s not my lot
Like you well enough
From time to time
I’ll hang back and see if I like what you say
Not following too early

In fact I’ll waste the years
All of them
On purpose
(Pretending I don’t hear.
Pretending I don’t understand.)

Your call

You’re not from here
Why would I follow?

I have things to do
Important things
Following costs too much

Don’t want to risk
Or peoples’ talk
Going opposite my friend’s path
Couldn’t be opposed to my spouse
Too costly

You say
Family and spouse
And sisters and brothers
Will be mine
How could they?

Dying to self is too costly
I’d rather
This dead existence

No choice is a choice against you
You say

How could that be?

I cannot afford the the costly life you offer

The payment is me

All I hold dear


I paid all
For you,
Dear One

All poured out
My life for your life

You are not alive apart from me

I call
Again and again

Breath and life and purpose and love
Here alone found in me

Won’t you come?

Wasting human years

When eternity could start now?


Freedom could be yours

Oh bound one


Your years here are not forever

Life in you can start – today

Life you were made for!


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