clouds cloudy country distance
Photo by Krivec Ales on

(Stock Image. Image description: A long curved train track stretches forward curving to the right. Trees are ahead and on each side of the track – with the sun over the hills in the distance.)


Don’t miss it

On the slow Sunday

train to Glasgow

With all the stops

Pollokshaws West

Priesthill and Darnley

With unexpected

painted sunset sky

Slowly peeling away

Sailing by


Tourists returning

Students coming back

From weekends away

People doing their shop

visiting granny

And gran


Nothing grand

But ordinary

Big and small

Moments on the




Coming and going

On the

Slow train

To Glasgow


Yet keeping


Spurring us on

Sky-alight: fire


Traveling beside

And up ahead

The Sunday train

To Glasgow

Don’t miss it….

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