stack of love wooden blocks
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

(Stock images. Image description: A wooden table is seen up close. On the table slightly to the left are small wooden blocks each with one letter. They are stacked to spell the word “love”. A red craft heart made of cloth is propped up next to the blocks.)


He said 

They said
Tell us impressive things
Great and mighty things of the age to come
He said: You will not know.. but wait for the Holy Spirit-you will be my witnesses throughout the world..that is the focus now…I send you in my own name. 
They said
Tell us secrets
So only we know
And will never tell
He said: Blessed are the pure in heart..they shall see God.
They said
Tell us when you’re returning
So we will be ready
Making all prepared
He said: Trust I am returning. Stay awake now! The hour is unknown to you… I say-stay awake!
They said
Make us important
Give us positions of honour
And prestige
He said: The first of all – is least of all.
They said
The sermon on the mount
Is too hard
Make it easier
He said: Love your neighbour as yourself.
Love is hardest of all
This is why it is a command 
In loving 
In following me 
There is life 
And the joy 
You’re truly after 

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