(Google Stock images. Image description: An image of Christ, facing fully away.  He is seen from behind. He is almost in shadow/silhouette as the light shines straight on. He is wearing a crown of thorns and a robe. The light breaks over his left shoulder.)


Real Jesus vs False Jesus

Real Jesus
Is God come to earth
The only saviour of the world
A world that needs saving

False Jesus
Is just like you
Agrees with all your thoughts
Hates people you hate
Assures you that you are better than the rest
You’re just fine as you are

Real Jesus
Confronts earthly power systems
Welcomes the outcast
Shows you where you aren’t right with God
Invites you onto the right path
Through confession and repentance
Offering you
Forgiveness and life
Tells you to love
Your enemies

False Jesus
Looks like you
Talks like you
Makes promises
Of earthly wealth,
Position, prestige
Makes you think
You are more Important than your neighbour

Real Jesus says
The world is gonna reject you like
They rejected him
Tells you to love your neighbour
Just like the Samaritan
Pouring out all you have

False Jesus
Is an idol
Of your own making
Likely with you at the centre
Of the altar you have
Built in your heart and mind

Many are worshipping
They are calling “Jesus”….

Real Jesus
Tears down such altars
And tells you
he is
The only one
Who should be
On the throne
Of your heart

Who then… are you really worshipping?


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