(Google image: stock image. Image description: Sand stretchers forward on a beach with palm trees to the right and the ocean to the left. The sun is rising to the right over the trees. A person – a runner – who is mid-stride can be seen. One foot is in the sand and the other is lifted up. The trainers are white, pink and grey and blend in with the overall palette of the image.  The runner is only seen from the feet and slightly upward. The focus on running feet is prominent.)


Why are you running?

Why are you


Where are you going?

Are you training

For a race to a far off land?

Why are you running weary


From me?

Desperate in your need

Your speed

And self-resoluteness?

Your self-assurance

And Your deep fear?

You cover it with

Well honed badges

And stories

And well rehearsed


For yourself

as much as for them

For yourself

Much More than for them

You still (some of you)


A patch with

My name

Upon your


Running clothes

As if a self-made


Will keep you running

In my lane

Or mean that you’re walking with me at all

How I long

To show you how

To walk in my ways

Help you heal


Every misstep

Every Desperate


And fall

This road

You’re running made

By the grooves of

A myriad of

Wayward feet

Yet here

Here is

The thin path

Of my way

Here take


Own shoes

And learn

To walk

In my path

Feel the pattern of my

Own feet


Learn of me

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