IMG_3163(Google-stock image. Image description: An image of a record/LP out of its cover and seems ready to be played. It is set against a shelf of brightly coloured record covers. Only the ends of these covers are seen – like the spins of books on a shelf.)



What have you been listening to –

Dance only to the words
Of life
Alone or together

Whatever do
Do not dance with lies

Lies cannot partner the truth

Why are you keeping
The record
Of the past?
Why do you play it in secret
In the dead of night?

Even Lazarus
Covered in the familiar
Had to listen
And let the
Cocoon be removed
For his freedom

You cannot dance
while still
In spiderweb

As Eustace freed from the dragon skin
As scales fell from Paul’s eyes

You were made for the new

You weren’t made
For bondage
Or death
Or despair

You name is not forgotten
Or unloved

But chosen and

Come out of the dark hallow
Let the crust seal fall from your eyes
Let the slippy scales be pulled off you

were made
for the Light

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