(Google stock image. Image description: A dirt path leading up over a hill is lined on either side by green grass. On the left side a wooden railing along the path provides protection and support as the path climbs upwards. The sky is clear and blue and bright.)

Come up and away 

Come up and away
Far and further
Into my way

Leave behind the pathways
Dark paths
And shadow closes

Leave behind
The world
The words
And barbs
That have intertwined
Your heart

Let me wash
Clear and awake
Your mind
From all that has oppressed you
My dear

Cast upon me
Your weary weighted
Welcome in
The wind-breath
Of life
Casting out

Let me remove the
And Pressure
That had bas been placed
upon you
That you have taken upon
Take off the garments

Of bondage
Of disease and sin and death
Bathe in my grace
Dive deep down into it
(It won’t run out)
And out
Take the linen clothes of freedom
Right fitting
Made for you
Clean and free
You now
LIFE: As a house established

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