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Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on
(Image description: A wide dirt path winds to the left around a green hill, with stones set at the base of the hill. Ahead and to the right the sun is shining over green low trees. The path slopes gently up towards the light.) 



How could it be over?
It felt like
yet minutes
yet a dream
a nightmarish hallucination
Yet the overwhelming slap of grief
That indeed was very real
The sting beyond words
The stone-wheight upon their hearts
That yes that …confirmed it really had happened
Huddled together
not sleeping
fearful of every knock at the door
hoping beyond hope they
wouldn’t be found
Rome never rested
They had to bury him quickly
the sun chasing their progress
While the whole land seemed
overcome by some unnatural light after the sun had returned
Much more like the pallor of death
Than the sun
They had to say their goodbyes in haste
How could they celebrate sabbath after that?
How could they have joy at all –  ever again?
Now in the stlll tense
rays of morning
they gathered spices
making sure he had a proper burial
that was the least they could do
Tracing the thread of the path
out of the city gate
up and over the hills
around the side
to where they had placed him
stone-sealed quiet
Images of how it had been
His face in overwhelming pain
Then hung in death
(Almost unrecognisable, poured out)
Filled their minds
as they walked
When they, coming down around
and through the trees
There …!
The tomb: open!
The stone: split!
A lightening clear moment
crackling awake
When brighter than the dawn
The guards knocked off their feet!
A heavenly witness
Atop the stone spoke
it was as if the breath of heaven
filled the place
with rumbling power
as sacred as the holiest place
the stone resounding the cry…
Jesus has risen!!
Look and see!
Life: flooded their
Everything was

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