(Photography: Becker, Allison. Image of art within the Duomo – Cremona, Italy. Image description: A painting on a church wall depicts Christ after the cruxifixction – his body  taken down off the cross. The wounds on his hands, side, head are shown. Mary, his mother, together with other disciples gather close to him in tenderness and in grief.)

It seemed like defeat

It seemed like utter defeat
Blood poured from his feet
His voice crying out in anguish
The sky above:  midday inescapably dark
The sun: its brilliance hidden away
Had it been just twelve hours?
They had been at table together
Before his blood-sweat prayers in the garden
Before his betrayal
Before they scattered
Waiting outside during the trail
Seemed a nightmare unfolding
Even Peter denied him
They all had fled
Far off in the crowds
They knew
Pilate had washed his hands
Amid the shouts of “crucify!”
Had they been any better than Pilate-fleeing from
The intensity of it all?
They had been with him for three years..
John and Mary
And the women pushed through the crowds
Bravely forward
Their few faces of love
Struggling against the tide of hate
They hoped he had glimpsed them
At least one of the times he fell…
Up now
Up high
On a cross
The hastily written declaration
of his supposed treason
For all to see
There was no coming back from this
How could the death of the messiah-servant
Please God?

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