(Google stock image. Image description: Rocky dry ground is seen in the heat of day; a narrow path cuts through with more level footing. A person is walking-shown only from the feet and slightly upwards: Dusty feet in sandals, with the white hem of a garment just above the feet.)

Emmaus Road


Moving as if in slow motion
They has been in a fog
Since the night before it happened

Now, the only clear thought was
That they had to leave

They had
To get out

Clearly, secretly
Anyone could know
They were with him
Peter had been recognised
Grieved, overwhelmed
He hadn’t slept since …

Early morning
Sneaking around
Through back alleys
Stripping over uneven stones
Until (finally) through a gate
Their gaze downward to
Hide away
Their faces

Up they climbed
Holding their breath
Their hearts
Overcome with the weight of it all
Up top
The road
Opened up
Then narrowed
Leading away

How could they ever
Come back here ?
They couldn’t think on that
Getting through the day was
Precarious enough

Now as if upon a high balance beam
They could teeter off
A hundred different directions
Nothing sure at all
Yes their gaze directed straight ahead
Their walking steady not
Yet determined
Emmaus might not know
About it all yet
They might make it before the news did…
Before the wave of defeat crashed over the world
And then … who knew where’d they go after that?

They dared to confess
To one another
As they veered along
Desperate in their speed
That they had thought
They had found him
(Hadn’t they?)
They did see and hear so much
Together with him
Thousands fed
People brought back to life
No longer tormented
Then… oh his words
His words
As water
And fire
And his eyes ..
Seeing beyond what they saw
More than a prophet
Certainly they had thought him
The promised one

Then …

(How foolish were they not to notice him?! How much has he heard!?)

He seemed familiar
Yet not at all
All together

All at once

Shrouded thoughts
Consumed them

He asked them
What they had been talking about along the way

Could he be the one person who didn’t know?

They started to share
Revealing a little only

Then overcome
They told him
Compelled by something
Greater surely

To share as much as they did
With him

Then somewhere
Adjacent to their sorrow
They hearts started to burn
As if with fire

He came with them
Along the way
More and more he revealed
More and more their hearts blazed

As unsteady as they were
He was sure-footed
Aimed at the horizon
Onward even after they reached the town

Oh he wasn’t leaving
Was he? Oh how they yearned for him to stay
him to stay

A borrowed room
Bread brought out of their
Wrapped tight
Then unfurled
The table before them

His hands raised
His hands …
And face…
The break broke
The shroud fell
From them
(Or was it from him?)
In an instant


Saw Him!
In a flash
The fire consumed their grief forever
Carried they
The torch of witness
Within them

Sure footed
To the city
Of the

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