(Photography: Becker, Allison. Abbey Cloisters, Iona. Image description: The stone arches of the abbey cloisters – with the fading light of the day – are seen. Two carvings on two of the pillars are predominantly shown: A person drinking from a chalice, and hands breaking bread.)

Come Thursday 

What a week
Rest was needed
Hidden away
For sure

They had feared a riot
Then he had started on

Over-turning tables
In the temple


They couldn’t go anywhere
He seemed to take the next day
more easily
They were glad for that
He seemed lost in thought and far away
Most of the day before

What he was thinking of doing next
They couldn’t say

The Passover meal
Finally …this evening

Two of their number got sent on
another strange errand
Following someone carrying water jars
And again
Somehow …that equaled provision for their meal that night

It had been bread
And dried fish
Most of the week
Some fruit and cheese mixed in
Offered generously from some

But this evening
Roast Lamb
Bread in sop
Reclining at table

Their tired
Unwashed Selves
Were looking forward to the reprieve

In they filed
Entering the room prepared for them
Shuffling feet
Acutely aware or the accumulation of dust
And dirt
Upon them all

He put on his outer garment
To be their host

Yet he didn’t call in a servant

Yet kneeled
himself for the task…
Has he lost his mind?
Peter cried out in horror
They all thought it
Peter said it
(As usual)

He took off is outer garment
And used it as a towel to dry their feet
Taking all the muck, dried dirt, sweat, blood…
His own clothes
And then… he
Put it
Back on
And wore it… !!!
Throughout the meal…
They felt bad for Judas and John right near him
John seemed to be all the more intrigued and ..moved

… seemed
Not …ok
At all
With him
In that state
Through the meal
They recounted
The story of God’s faithfulness
And power
For their people
Delivering them
Saving them
Bringing them slavery to freedom
From Egypt to the promised land

He took the bread from the table breaking it …
and the cup after supper
Offering it
Saying (adding?) words about his Own self
Judas seemed overcome
Standing up in a hurry
Rushing out the door
Jesus wasn’t surprised
But the rest of all of them were
They didn’t get it
Yet Jesus did
What could they say?
They ended the meal
With his words in their ears
And hearts
The taste of wine and bread
On their lips

Here is my body …
Here is my blood …

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