(Photography: Becker, Allison. Italy. Image description: An old large wooden wine barrel rests on stone blocks in a vineyard. The sun  is out and the grass and trees are green.)


In reflection on this week’s lectionary text: John 2:1-11. The wedding at Cana.
The wedding 
They weren’t sure exactly how
The numbers didn’t add up
The had planned
And prepped for a year
His uncle bought the wine especially
Everyone specifically Invited
Mary was practically
as was Joseph
And of course Jesus and his siblings
And they brought friends
But then he seemed to have a crowd with him always too
So someone invited them along as well…
They had found enough chairs
And cushions
And somehow the food has stretched
But the wine….
The wine was running out..
They couldn’t water that down…
Mary was close enough to the family to have been
Told it
Whispered to her in embarrassed tones
(How could they have run out?)
Like forgetting the ring
Or the dress…
What would they do?
What could be done ?
Mary looked to her son
Do whatever he tells you 
He sharing a knowing look
Protesting  the timing
Mary seeing her son rising
To be seen by all
Do whatever he tells you 
Trusting the impossible
For she had seen it already
Within her
Saying yes to God
Do whatever he tells you
Here water
In cleansing jars
Filled over and over
Do whatever he tells you 
There taken out
The very best!
gave way
to honour
Lack was
Exchanged For
And Uncertainty
swallowed up
by trust in him
poured out
Wine and blood
Clean and
Washed free
A sign: The bridegroom is here

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