(Google stock image. Image description: A earthen clay jar, with a slender neck and one curved handle-lays on its side. It is empty. It is set against a bright background.)

This morning in Scotland I was leaving the house just as the sun was rising. This is not as early as some might think- as it’s high winter and the sun rises far later here than places further south.

The morning moment however – with the sun just rising – again reminded me of the different morning routines of many around the world. In particular-the image of women walking to get water.  The image of women walking a far distance to bring water back – something witnessed first-hand during my time in Kenya — as well as the contrast with the woman at the well in John 4 -gave rise to this poem.

In light of the recent attack in Nairobi – might I also invite you to pray for Kenya and for the PCEA The Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

For information on one of many groups providing clean water through water wells – you can visit the  Living Waters International website https://water.cc

I also invite you to consider the woman at the well and Jesus invitation to you-to come and drink-of the living water He offers. Today.

Come and drink 

Worn jar
with one handle
Carried up high
Rope latches
tyre strips
To feet

Dirt uneven
On the Way
Morning light
And Shawl
Gathered round her
As she
Greets others

A line and a jar
Dropped in
As if
Fishing for water

Calloused hands
Pull up
The line tight

Balancing act
Traveling back

To repeat
Again and again

Come and drink

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