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Advent Poems 1

Advent means: To come. The coming of a person of importance, royal significance, import or honour.

For Christians, the term Advent is assigned to the church season directly preceding Christmas, when we mark the time antipating the coming of Christ: The celebration of his birth and his glorious return.

The Revised Common Lectionary  has readings assigned on a three years cycle for every Sunday. (Revised Common Lectionary – Year C.) There are daily readings as well. Every Advent season there are readings about the coming of the the birth of Jesus and the return of Jesus. This year has a particular emphasis on the return of Christ, his reign and the new creation – that we anticipate with humility and joy.

Advent poems I’ve written in thinking on these things are offered here for your own prayer and reflection in this  preparation season. He is coming. Jesus is coming.

(Minister/priest/pastor types if you use/read these in worship, please reference me. You may not print or publish these. Thank you.)


Advent: He is coming

He will come – New sun rising
He will come – Upending your end table
He will come – Toppling your neat stacked books
He will come – At the last – tipping over your bedside water glass
He will come – Disturbing all the clever things you thought you knew through mere study
He will come – Middle of the night…. right between this watch and the next

He will come – When the street lamps have been long put out and the Morn seems yet miles away

He WILL come

He will come – Tugging at the corner of your duvet too early – the linen-veil pulled back at once

He will come – Announcing himself as: The dawn

He will Come – shouting


I’m here


Advent: New Creation

He likes to make things new
He is best at it
It’s what he’s about

He does what only he can do

Making things new
Yes – the forgotten things
The mundane things
Things that seem beyond repair

If that is what he can do and does now…

Can you imagine then?

When all
Shadows are gone?

And he shines bright as the sun …and all is NEW?!

Yes all.

Even that.

Even them.

Even you.


All the things now come up pieces, to parts, to lesser things …to crumbs.

But then… it will be whole.

It will be full.

It will be the loaf of bread hot from the oven.

You will be healed. You will be whole.

As fresh as your very first day.




Delighted in.

And the days – full of life – life ever increasing – will go on forever.

That is how it will forever-be.


Advent:  Christ ComingWhere? When?




He doesn’t mean… there. Not there!

The beyond desolate place. Surely he will
Skip that.

Go around it. Not waste his time. Who wants that anyway?

But the Nazareth king…. if he came from there… surely every corner he will claim.

He says he will separate out one by one. Over turn every stone.

He will seperate out…Sheep from

He will … separate out wheat from weeds.
He will.
He Will go there. Missing not one.

Calling them by name. There is nowhere he won’t go.

Can you hear him calling? Calling you to life?

Then… where?


Everywhere: claimed as his.

Yes there.
Yes here.
Yes now.

Evil and darkness will scatter and never to be seen or heard from again. Conquered forever.

He is bringing a brand new thing. It has already begun. Then… then….Life to the full. Hope fulfilled.


Advent: Ready

Be prepared
Be ready
Don’t nap
Not even a small snooze

No time for cat-naps
Or nodding off

Are not as for other things
This is putting your hand to the plough – aiming straight at the horizon.

No looking back.

No zigzagging your lines.

It’s your full hand overflowing in the seed bag of truth.

Abundant planting as if it will never run out.
And discovering it won’t.
It’s the not departing from the road, the word, to the right or left.
It’s our house- your house-  living for the Lord.
It’s the lamp-lit now.

(Light your lamp!
Carry oil so you won’t run out.
Right now.)

It is the Trusting the “now here” and “look
There!” coming – of the Holy One.


Advent: Distant relations
The same story as before
Knocking at the door
Everybody’s brother
Had come
Had baked more
Carried more water
Cleared more floor space
And gathered more fresh hay
Then they had done in years

Countless feet washed.
Feet that had traces hills and valleys near and far.

And somehow life went on
Chickens fed
The goat brought in for warmth as always

Then as the counting went on
And on it seemed
Then next
They came chapping the door
A young newly married couple
She expecting her first
Oh bless them
Bless her
Miles from
Her mother and aunts and sisters

They made space of course
Warm and dry
Extra hay and blankets borrowed from the neighbours

They certainly couldn’t send them quickly on the road
Her time was coming
Maybe a month away
Maybe weeks

And her time did come
The midwife called
Relations came in a rush
Women bound together
Came to her
Joseph and the
Nephews and the cousins and fathers
Pacing  in the road outside. As they each had down for their own.

The sun in the sky marched on
By the hour
Her voice heard out in the street
Closer and closer Count
In pain
Her voice heard crying out
Words of wisdom surrounding
Raised in chorus with her
Strong hands of comfort
Guiding her
Round her
Behind her
She Beyond her own strength
Yet miraculous came
Strength to the last
Then ..

A son!

A son.

The son.

At the last light of twilight.

Her voice.

His voice.


In triumph.

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