(Google stock image. Image description: At night a wide pedestrian path – as wide as a street – stretches forward – seemingly never ending. On the right and on the left are rows of trees and benches in parallel that line the path on either side. Autumn leaves carpet the path. The predominant focus, however, are two rows of light: Lit lampposts standing to the right and the to left of the path that light the path ever onward. It is a hopeful image.)

Light the lamp

This first post shares about the inspiration for the name: Light the Lamp. It refers to our call to hold out the word of life – the good news of Jesus – especially in the darkest of times. I wrote a post on social media to encourage my colleagues a few weeks ago, and it sparked the name for this blog.

Here it is the social media post shared again, here:

“A message for my pastor/priest/minister friends and church leaders especially…. who I know many of are feeling overwhelmed by ministering in such times – even as they faithfully serve.

Daily light the lamp

As you faithfully pray….The lamp of witness stays lit.

As you are faithful in worship….The lamp says lit.

As you serve and listen, help and provide…The lamp stays lit.

As you fight for justice, advocate for the innocent and most vulnerable… The lamp stays lit.

As you refuse to give into fear and instead daily choose to trust in God… The lamp stays lit.

Faithfulness in Christ …our faithfulness-and the church’s.. keeps the lamp lit.

The light cannot be overcome by darkness.

And the Lamp:  Is the light of faithful witness.

It the very thing the darkness hates most.

Keep the lamp lit.

Keep faithful: It is the very thing most needed.

In faithfulnessthere IS the hope.

In this way-hold out the word of life-and light the path home for the world…..

Oh how they long to be shown the way home in love…

Keep the lamp lit.

The darkness cannot overcome the light.

Daily.. light the lamp.


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